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Why Kifli.Tech?

At KifliTech, we’re good listeners. That’s why we take the time to get to know your business inside and out before ever laying a finger on a keyboard. When the time comes to start creating solutions, we get to work hand in hand with you, using research, strategy, and insights to craft a solution that fits your needs.

We’ve built a team of experts in digital strategy, development, user experience, and design. We are KifliTech – creative minds to help you execute your digital strategy at every step.

We have already impressed

At KifliTech, we help our clients become market leaders by crafting digital solutions that help them reach and engage customers in new and exciting ways.

Balasys IT Kft. is an IT security company so they surely know every trick of the trade. However, they were uncertain about how to create a website that reflects their high quality and value. Fortunately, we know the ropes of website development and were able to help them out using cutting edge solutions. #fastaslightning We are glad they put their trust in us!

React Gastby & Strapi

For Decathlon Hungary we created a system that can count repetitions of certain exercise movements taken in front of a camera. Decathlon wanted to use this – then non-existent – tool to raise money for different charities. For us, it was one the most challenging tasks in the last few years but we were determined to make those charities up and running! We were happy to contribute to such a wonderful idea and we look forward to continuing the collaboration!

AI based motion recognition

For ELTE University we created a dormitory management system which is currently used by ~4000 students and administrators in 7 dormitories. This investment made ELTE dormitories the most innovative institution of this sector and students love it as well. We are proud to take part in making “dorm life” easier and happier.

Fullstack sytem design and development

Omnicoach is a peek into what the future holds. We contributed to building their MVP 3 years ago. Since then, they got €1,5 million investment and joined the global E-sport market. We are proud of their achievements and of our common chapter at the very beginning.

AI based video recognition

For the Virtual Power Plant program we designed and developed a mobile application for educational purposes on behalf of RoiWorks Zrt. We are always happy to facilitate such a great cause as raising awareness on environmental issues.

Cloud based mobile development

For theHungarian Film Academy we created a management system which is capable of storing and sorting member and creation data. Artists can now register and modify data and they can also check if there’s any new item linked to them. As they say: “What goes around, comes around.” We are thankful for all the movies so we hope with this project we were able to give back a little in exchange.

Fullstack sytem design and development

Which areas can we cooperate?

Our workflow tailor-made to work jointly towards the same end.

System Design / project planning

Developing is hard and easy to fail if there is no preparation and planning.

We help you to prepare your project, understand how development is working and we teach you how to choose the right decisions for the long-term value through our workshops and consultations. We will do workshops in areas like development, UI/UX, marketing in a langue that everyone can understand.

Suggested flow:

  • Hight level project overwiev
  • Market research
  • Defining the Buyer personas
  • Monetization possibilites
  • Functional planning
  • Sitemap building
  • User flow planning
  • Technology stack Planning
  • Product roadmap planning

UI & UX design

If you want your project to be successful then you need to understand how users work and create an interface that can be used intuitively.

Suggested flow:

  • Hight level project overwiev
  • Functional planning
  • Sitemap building
  • User flow planning
  • Wireframe building
  • Functional testing with the wireframe
  • UI components design based on your brand
  • UI interface design
  • UX research based on the new interface
  • Based on the researchs tailor out the UI

More detailed workflows are coming soon!

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Our workflow is tailor-made to work together with YOU towards the same end.
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